Frequently Asked Questions:

What type surface is best for the Little Red Choo Choo? – The best surface is asphalt or concrete.  It can operate on city streets provided it is in a neighborhood.  It can operate on grass as well.  The best surface is flat.  It can operate on slight inclines but not steep hills.  If you have a questions about the area you have in mind, I can come out an do a sight evaluation.

How many children does the Little Red Choo Choo hold? – Up to 18 children can ride the Little Red Choo Choo at one time.

Can Adults ride? – Yes, Adults can ride the Little Red Choo Choo!

Do you have insurance? – Yes I do and I can provide proof of insurance upon request.

Where does the Little Red Choo Choo operate? – The main area of operation is the Charlotte NC area.  I can travel to South Carolina and East Tennessee, but a mileage charge may apply.

Is a deposit required? – I do not require a deposit.  I do request that if you cancel you give me 48 hours’ notice.

What if it rains? – The Little Red Choo Choo cannot operate in the rain.  If you need to postpone an event, I will work with you on rescheduling.  If it rains during an event and we cannot continue, a pro-rated amount would be due.

How do I pay? – You can pay with major credit cards, cash or check.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email [email protected] or call 704-490-2800